Neymar makes his debut by pushing and kicking the ball against opponents

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Neymar, former Barcelona player Made his debut for Al-Hilal. By pushing the opponent and also kicking the ball at the said player. During the AFC Champions League game last Monday.

Neymar makes his debut by pushing and kicking the ball against opponents

          Neymar’s first start for Al-Hilal There were stains from him pushing and kicking the ball at his opponent. Al-Hilal The best team of Saudi Arabia Entering the field to meet Navbahor From Uzbekistan in the Asian Champions League on Monday, September 18, 2023, Neymar played the full 90 minutes in the game where the two teams tied 1-1, although Al-Hilal Will carry famous stars such as Neymar, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Malcom, Ruben Neves onto the field.

          The Asian Cup, AFC Champions League, Al-Hilal welcomes Nafbahor at home in Group D. In this game, Neymar’s team almost died before they could catch up. Nafbahor tied with more than 10 minutes of stoppage time amidst the host’s star-studded team. But lost a goal at the beginning of the second half in the 52nd minute and could not get it back until the 90+10 stoppage time when they received a 1-1 goal from Ali Al Bulaihi’s shot, ending the ทางเข้า ufabet game tied at 1 . -1 and Al-Hilal is considered to have lost his form a little with only one point.

          When Navbahor took the lead in the 52nd minute, Neymar was visibly upset. There was a time when he was unable to take a quick free kick because an opponent was standing in front of the ball. The former Barcelona and PSG player was so angry that he shoved his opponent to the ground. He then fired and kicked the ball at the said player while he was still lying there. Neymar received a yellow card for the incident. And fans criticized his behavior such as “This is why no European club is interested in him. He is really poisonous.” 

  But some people claim that Does he want to get a red card? “Is his sister’s birthday coming up or something like that?” the comment quoted. “Sister’s Birthday Curse” because since 2013, Neymar has always been injured and had to recover for a long time or be suspended on his sister Rafa’s birthday. It was March 11th for Ella Santos, and because of that he was able to be there on her special day.

          This was the Brazilian’s second game after coming on as a substitute in the 6-1 win over Al-Riyadh on Friday, September 15, 2023. His debut was met with boos from fans. When he refused the chance to take a penalty as Salem Al-Dawsari Stepped up to take over and fired. Al-Hilal paid £77.6 million for Neymar. And the player pockets £2.5m a week.