A fan complains about the Lazio goalkeeper’s goal in a sinful minute to help the team draw with the Bears

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Football fans online came out with overwhelming praise for Ivan Provédel after he was a hero, heading a goal to equalize for Lazio during injury time in the UEFA Champions League last night.

A fan complains about the Lazio goalkeeper's goal in a sinful minute to help the team draw with the Bears

    Ivan Provedel became only the fourth goalkeeper ever to score in the UEFA Champions League with Lazio ‘s 95th-minute equalizer against Atletico Madrid. The 29-year-old goalkeeper Helped the local team grab 1 point in the final moment of the โปรโมชั่น ufabet game. In the first group stage match, Group E, last night (Tuesday, September 20, 2023), in this game, the local ‘Blue and White Eagles’ army fell behind in the first half. When the Atletico team got a 1-0 lead in the 29th minute from Pablo Barrios

          Atletico Madrid kept the score until almost the end of the game with 4 minutes of injury time, but it appeared that Lazio were awarded a corner kick after 4 minutes of injury time. It was the last moment of attack before the game ended. where the first stroke Atletico’s army was able to block it out first, but the Blue and White Eagles were still able to collect the ball before Luis Alberto opened the ball and it was goalkeeper Ivan Provedel who stepped in to win the corner kick. Inserting in and hitting through the hands of Jan Oblak, sending the ball into the net in an unbelievable way. 

          The event had the home supporters in the Stadio Olimpico roaring with joy in celebration of this exciting moment. Blue smoke from flares floats across the field. That goal turned Provedel into a hero who helped Lazio cheat death. Because after that the referee blew his whistle to end the competition immediately. Ready to share points with Atletico Madrid, 1 point per team, but still behind Feyenoord who collected 3 points from their home win over Glasgow Celtic 2-0.

 Pro Vedel’s incredible moment etched his name in Champions League history by becoming The second goalkeeper to score from open play in this competition. Previously, only Liege’s Sinan Bolat had done so when he headed in a late equalizer against AZ. Alkmaar in the group stage in December 2021 and became only the 4th goalkeeper ever to score in the UEFA Champions League.

          Football fans couldn’t believe what they saw. When the clip went viral on social media, there were quite a few who said it was something Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone deserved for having a striker like Alvaro. Morata retreats to defense. Opinions are like “This is exactly what you deserve with Morata as your third centre-back. You are a dinosaur manager.” Such a good penalty area”, “It’s crazy”, “Maybe he could have been a striker under different life circumstances”, “He probably dreamed about it all his life. What a great goal.”