how to eat chicken eggs benefit

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Today, most nutritionists and researchers agree. That “eggs” are the only food that contains almost all the nutrients needed by the body. Especially the best quality protein. Because it is the only protein that contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs.

Importantly, the World Food Organization (WFO) uses egg proteins and amino acids as benchmarks to assess protein quality against other foods. Complete vitamins Except for vitamin C and K only, “chicken eggs” can therefore be regarded as “the best nourishing food that is easy to find, inexpensive, suitable for all ages”.

how to eat chicken eggs benefit

Today, I would like to give you an example of some important nutrients. One nutrient that is considered the highlight of chicken eggs is choline. Because it is an important nutrient and necessary for pregnant mothers. and mothers who are breastfeeding In addition to choline to help nourish the brain and enhance memory. Several studies have confirmed that Choline is also a nutrient that helps slow down aging. It is known as a nutrient that is beneficial to people in all life stages. From being a baby to old age ever

Lutein and  zeaxanthin are antioxidants found in egg yolks. Which helps slow down macular degeneration And in modern egg production. It can also increase the amount of minerals such as omega-3, DHA, EPA to accumulate in more eggs. So that consumers can directly benefit from such minerals

“Cholesterol” in eggs helps reduce the problem of clogged arteries.

In the past, consumers were concerned about the cholesterol in eggs. Because I understand that cholesterol is an important factor in the occurrence of arterial disease and high blood pressure. But research from reliable institutions that have been done in recent times. Found that in the past, the analysis of the amount of cholesterol in chicken eggs did not match the truth. And according to the Division of Nutrition. The Ministry of Public Health found that 1 chicken egg contains about 6.25 grams of protein or about 10-15% of the body’s daily ufabet needs. There are about 213 grams of cholesterol, only about 1.5 grams of saturated fat. While there are more than 1.91 grams of unsaturated fat, which the body can easily use. Does not cause vascular problems

The cholesterol that we can get from eggs will increase the amount of good cholesterol that helps reduce clogged arteries. Because eggs contain both good cholesterol (HDL), lecithin has a mechanism that can bind cholesterol and drive it out of the body. Resulting in less absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream than cholesterol from animal fats. Therefore, you can rest assured that eggs are not the culprit and can help solve the problem of clogged arteries as well.

In fact, more than 80% of cholesterol is produced by our body from the liver. So the correct solution is Must reduce the risk that affects the liver, reduce stress, consume food. A variety of nutritional It will help reduce cholesterol problems a lot.

For people who are careful about their weight, you can rest easy. The research found that Eggs are a low calorie food. and complete with quality protein. Therefore, it is a good choice for people who want to lose weight. The nutrients in eggs help us feel full longer. So eating eggs for breakfast will help us control our weight well. and reduce the risk of being overweight as well

Secret recipe for good health “Eat eggs every day, eat eggs for all ages, what do you eat with eggs?”

Suggestions for eating eggs that help our body get the most benefit. Most of them are similar, namely in children, adolescents, school age, working age, including pregnant and lactating women. And healthy elderly people You can eat 1 egg per day and can eat every day.

Except for young children who should start giving boiled egg yolk mixed with ground rice in small amounts from 6-7 months of age, can mix half boiled egg yolk mixed with ground rice and gradually increase to 1 egg per day when the child is 7 months old. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat. And those who have to control a fatty diet should consume 3 eggs per week or as recommended by a doctor.

As for how to eat eggs for benefits and safety, it is recommended to eat cooked eggs. Because the body is difficult to digest uncooked eggs, uncooked eggs run the risk of being contaminated with microorganisms that can cause health hazards. And raw egg whites will hinder biotin absorption. which is a nutrient that is beneficial to the metabolic process and cause the body to not fully benefit from the nutrients that can be eaten Importantly. There are many egg dishes to choose from.

In Thailand, there has been a continuous campaign on egg consumption by promoting the concept of “eating eggs every day, eating eggs for all ages. What to eat with eggs” in the campaign for 300 eggs consumption campaign according to the Laying Chicken Strategic Plan 2016. 2014-2018 who want to increase the amount of egg consumption of Thai people is currently at 220 eggs per person per year. This is already low compared to neighboring countries. Such as China’s 340, Japan’s 330, Malaysia’s 300 and the United States’ 290. In addition to supporting consumers to have good health. It is also another way to promote sustainability in the egg industry of Thai farmers.