8 ways to suppress anger Reduce hot temper quickly

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Suppressing anger and reducing hot emotions It is an important skill for everyone to be able to control their emotions and interact effectively with others.

If an event occurs that causes discomfort. Angry at the actions of the other party But I don’t want to show off my aggression. Because it may cause the matter to escalate. We have a simple secret. Let’s try practicing.

8 ways to suppress anger Reduce hot temper quickly

How to suppress anger Reduce hot temper quickly

1. Count from 1 to 10.

Have you ever heard it? That time will heal everything If time could make a heartbroken person come back stronger than before. Time can help us calm down as well. A simple way is before we speak. Or walk in and hurt someone like your brain commands. Try forcing yourself to take a deep breath and count slowly from 1 to 10. Focus on the numbers and forget about words and thoughts. All that came into my head just now disappeared. It’s like meditation.

 2. Make an ear against the wind.

While we are giving time to heal dispel anger The other person may provoke us more with words. and additional rude acts So if in that situation We can close our ears and eyes, close them completely, don’t listen, don’t see anything that will further anger us. Keep your eyes peeled and count the numbers first.

3. Slow things down.

violent events that occurred It’s because we are impulsive. Let your emotions control every action. without passing through the brain Therefore, try to slow things down. Speak slower, walk slower, act slower. No matter how angry you are, you must force yourself to speak slower. Every word you say, try to filter the words out of your brain first. Is it a word that is appropriate for that situation or not? If you say it, will you get something good? Come back or not? If you speak only because of emotion Choose only vulgar words or intended to offend anyone Keep those words in your mind first.

4. Think of others besides yourself.

When in a mood of anger We often think only of ourselves. without paying attention to others Besides not caring about the other party that he has any reason. That we don’t already know Still forgetting many people we love. That will suffer from our actions. Fathers, mothers, siblings, relatives, friends, close friends may suffer shame from actions that they are not involved with. Or you may have to spend a lot of time taking care of our medical care. Go bail us out of the police ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com station. or compensate damages to the other party It all happens in just a split second of anger.

5. Ask for time to calm down.

If the situation in front of us does not help us to do those things. You may try to excuse yourself and walk away from the situation. To find a quiet place to be alone or with someone we trust. Then do everything according to points 1-4. It may take 10-30 minutes. Tell the other party that you need a moment. Let each of you take a moment to catch your breath. I guarantee that you will definitely come to your senses.

6. “Sorry” is used as

Simple words that many people don’t often say. because of high pride Saying sorry doesn’t always mean you were at fault for the incident. We might apologize for wasting both of our time. I’m sorry for showing off my bad mood earlier. I’m sorry I ran away earlier. Every event that happened We can say sorry. When do we say sorry? The other person will feel better. The mood is cooler. It may also be easier to compromise.

7. Know how to “forgive”

This word may seem difficult to many people, but in some small situations, We can easily forgive each other. and will cause problems that arise to be resolved quickly Just because we have the heart to “forgive” whether the service serves the wrong food. Got cut off by a driver or having your foot stepped on by a stranger These are the little things that we can carry on with happily. If we can forgive and let go of these actions

8. Stay still and let the law take its course.

Emotions are above the law. is a gangster’s personality Our country has laws that can punish those who commit crimes. If we are confident that we have done nothing wrong We should stay silent and wait for the law to punish those who commit crimes. Because if we talk more The more you express your anger, the more angry you become. It may deform the case to the point where we have to pay damages to the other party even though That we were not wrong then