8 great benefits from “moringa” to reduce sugar and cholesterol

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Children these days may have eaten, but benefits “Mixed Vegetable Soup” or “Papaya Soup Soup” but let me tell you that if it’s our parents’ generation, then “Moringa sour soup” is the best of all the sour soup. Although it is more difficult to eat than other vegetables But I guarantee that if you try to taste it, you will never forget it.

Moringa is delicious. There are also many health benefits that you may not have known before.

8 great benefits from "moringa" to reduce sugar and cholesterol

8  great benefits from “moringa”

  1. contains antioxidants Helps skin shine brightly
  2. strengthen the body’s immunity
  3. Reduce fat and cholesterol
  4. treat anemia
  5. nourish the heart
  6. Reduce sugar, suitable for diabetics
  7. Help reduce fever, cure cold
  8. cough relief

Is moringa dangerous or not?

From experiments with laboratory rats, it was found that fertilized rats and was fed with moringa seed extract There is a possibility that rats have an abortion. Moringa root causing the fetus to atrophy and raw moringa decreased the growth of rats.

Therefore, moringa, especially raw moringa May be dangerous to pregnant women.

Recommended Moringa menu

In addition to the moringa sour curry. Moringa can also be used to cook a variety of dishes. Young seeds of moringa can be used to make moringa salad. And besides the seeds and pods of moringa, Moringa leaves can also be used to cook https://ufabet999.com, such as soft-boiled egg soup with horseradish, soft-boiled soup, or fried with eggs and eaten with chili paste. Or make Moringa tea to drink to relieve throat moist and reduce coughing.