Where can I buy a Lao lottery in our country?

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For parents, siblings, Thai lottery fans who want to play the Laos lottery in leaves, only have to play in Laos. But if you want to play easily and comfortably, you can buy Lao lottery online at home. The main ones in our house that are popular to buy are UFABET etc. In addition, do not be afraid that he will. The module comes up by itself. Because he was referring to the Laos lottery issue Only the award format will be slightly modified for us to get used to. .

There are three straight numbers, three digits, two upper two, two lower, running the upper number, running the lower number. Anyone has the basis of playing the underground lottery before is not difficult at all.

Where can I buy a Lao lottery in our country?

Assuming that the Laos lottery for this draw draws 6965, the prize can be divided as follows:

  • The top 3 prizes are the last 3 digits. Here are 965. If we buy 965, we will receive a prize of 750 times.
  • The prize for the 3 digits is the last 3 digits, the same as the top 3. But they can switch positions. In this case, regardless of whether we buy 956, 596, 569, 659, 695, it is also considered a winner. Only will receive 120 times the prize money.
  • The top 2 prizes are the last 2 digits, here are 65, and the payout rate is 90 times the capital.
  • The 2 lower prizes are 2 front numbers, the payout rate is equal to the 2 upper digits, which is also 90 times.
  • The top running number is the purchase of only one number. And if the purchased number is in the prize of 3 numbers, it can be in any position, it is considered that we have won the prize. with a payout rate of 3 times
  • The bottom running number is buying the same number as well. But it’s a hope that the number we buy will be in the next 2 numbers or not If in any position We will receive 4 times the prize money.

As for the payout rate, it may be adjusted according to the dealer. Which some owners may have a matter of discounts involved as well. It may cause different payouts.