What is gourd, crab, fish?

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Gourd, crab, fish is another gambling game. That has a method of playing by retreating the dice. It is said. That this type of gambling originated from China. The device used to play will have 3 dice. Just like Hi-Lo, but the difference is that the Hi-Lo dice will be the face of points 1-6, but the dice of gourd, crab, fish will be animal faces instead. It consists of gourds, crabs, fish, chicken, shrimp and tiger.

What is gourd, crab, fish?

Gourd, crab, fish online. How to play?

If anyone plays Online casinos on a regular basis will see that some casinos have games for us to play with gourd, crab, fish. In which the methods and rules are all the same as those we play in casinos far from home. Players can choose to bet in both ways as shown in the picture. or to stab a color There are also other forms of betting methods to play as well. For counting points. It will be counted like this UFABET.

Fish, represented by red, is equal to 1 point.

Shrimp, represented by green, is equal to 2 points.

Gourds, represented by blue, are equal to 3 points.

Tiger, represented by blue, is equal to 4 points.

Crab, represented by green, is equal to 5 points.

Chicken, represented by red, is equal to 6 points.