Tang Tong color of gourd, crab, fish

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This form of bet method is to bet that all 3 dice will come out in the same color without specifying. Which color they are not necessarily on the UFABET same page. The payout ratio is 1: 7 which is quite a lot.

Assuming that we pierce 100 colors, the result is a crab, shrimp, crab, which is all three green. We will immediately receive a profit of 700 baht excluding capital.

Tang Tong color of gourd, crab, fish

Color-specific Taeng Tong

This will be a lot more risky than stabbing Tong Si a moment ago. Because it must come out the same color that we predicted for all 3 balls to be considered a prize. But the rate of payment received is worth it. Because it pays up to 1: 20

Assuming that we bet on green 100. If all three green balls are drawn. The profit is 2,000 baht, excluding capital.

 Taeng Tong in a specific shape

            This one will be even more difficult. Because the dice that are rolled out must come out on the same face for all 3 balls, such as crabs, crabs, crabs to win, the payout rate is up to 1: 150.

If we bet on a tiger for 100 baht and it comes out a tiger, tiger, real tiger, get a profit of 15,000 baht, excluding capital.