Taeng Tong non-pierced form

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If it was too hard just now You can take more risks and try to play this form game. Just we predict that all three dice will have the same face. If all dice come out on the same face, we win. The payout rate is 1: 24.

For example, thrust a 100-baht Tong, the result is that all three dice come out on the UFABET same face. (It can be any face) We get an immediate profit of 2,400 baht, excluding capital.

Taeng Tong, non-pierced form

total bet

It’s quite a difficult bet because there are various points. and the sum of each point has a different payout rate which can be divided as follows

  • Bet 4 or 17 points, payout rate 1: 50
  • Bet 5 or 16 points, payout rate 1: 18
  • Bet 15, pay rate 1: 14
  • Bet on 7 or 14 points, payout rate 1: 12
  • Bet on 8 or 13 points, the payout rate is 1: 8.
  • Bet on 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 points, payout rate 1: 6

            Suppose we bet 4 points, 100 baht, and the baby turtle comes out in front of fish (1), fish (1), shrimp (2), the total points are equal to 4, we win, take home a profit of 5,000 baht, excluding capital.

 Why is it better to play gourd, crab, fish?

The simple reason why I think measuring luck with gourd, crab, fish makes more sense than other gambling games is because

  1. The payout rate is up to 150 times, which if any game is difficult to compare with this much payout.
  2. There are many forms of betting. especially the color stabbing that are not available for playing in Hi-Lo
  3. The initial bet is very low, just 10 baht, you can play now.
  4. It is a gambling game that is almost everywhere. Online casinos are not as popular as Hi-Lo.

How are you with the story of gourd, crab, fish that was brought together today? I believe that many people will begin to see the picture and understand the game more. But no matter what, I want them to play consciously. Just enough to have fun like when we play chill at home. Don’t expect too much. Then we will enjoy playing. online casino without having to worry about money