Stab Teng in one color

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The betting method is similar to a single bet, but the difference is that it predicts the color. The payout rate is 1: 1 as well, and if the dice come out in the same color that we bet on more than 1 ball, we will receive an additional payout rate of 1 times per 1 ball as well.

For example, we stabbed a green teng for 100 baht, which has green crab and shrimp toppings. If it comes out with crab or shrimp face, it is considered that we have won the prize as well. If only one shrimp or crab is issued, the profit will be 100 baht, excluding capital. It will get a profit of 200 baht excluding capital

Stab Teng in one color

Double Color Stab Teng

The method of betting is similar to betting on a single color. But this time we will predict that it will produce no less than 2 balls in that color UFABET. The payout rate will be 1: 3.

For example, bet on a double color, green, 100 baht, the dice come out with a crab, shrimp, and tiger face. This is considered that we win because the crab and shrimp face is green. And it comes out with 2 balls at the same time, we will get a profit of 300 baht, excluding capital, but if it comes out with crabs, chickens, tigers like this, it will be lost immediately because it only comes out in one green color.