Morocco appeals to FIFA to protest Ramos’ penalty over penalty

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The Moroccan FA was unhappy with referee Cesar Arturo Ramos for not awarding them two penalties in their World Cup semi-final defeat to France. by submitting a complaint letter to FIFA

The Moroccan Football Federation ( FRMF) confirmed that they had filed a complaint against the International Football Federation or FIFA about the unfair duties of the referee. After refusing to award two penalties in a 0-2 loss to France in the 2022 World Cup semi-finals in Qatar. On Wednesday, December 14, the past

Morocco appeals to FIFA to protest Ramos' penalty over penalty

The Atlas Lions made an outstanding performance in the Arabian World Cup. When breaking into the playoffs for the first time. Become a nation from Africa that made history in the deepest way in this tournament. And they still hope to reach the finals. But the dream had to be extinguished when Teo Hernandez and Randel Colo Muani scored for Rooster to win.

During the game, the Moroccan players were visibly disappointed. When referee Cesar Arturo Ramos ignored awarding two penalties when Teo Hernandez fouled Sofiane Boufa. He also handed out a yellow card to his players. While Standard Liege midfielder Selim Amallah was knocked down in the penalty area during their free-kick.

” FRMF has filed a protest against the performance of Cesar Arturo Ramos in the game between Morocco and France, ” the statement said. It was a penalty without a doubt It also expressed great surprise that VAR did not respond to these situations. FRMF will not spare any effort To protect and maintain the rights of the national team by demanding fairness and condemns the actions of the referees during the World Cup semi-finals.

For Morocco , there is also a program for the 2022 World Cup third-place playoff against Croatia on Saturday. Which will be one chance for them to finish as best in this tournament as Perfume advance to the finals. Winning again will win the UFABET world championship for the second time in a row in a duel with Argentina on Sunday