How to play Hanoi lottery

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As for how to play as I said we can buy both 3 upper digits 3 digits 2 upper digits 2 lower digits. Including the top-bottom running numbers. As well as Thai lottery In conclusion, it is an underground lottery purchase using the Hanoi lottery as a reference in the award draw.

As for the prize draw of the Hanoi lottery in our country. He will use the last 3 digits of the ĐB prize to draw the top 3 digits and use the last 2 digits of the ĐB prize to draw the top 2 digits. While the bottom 2 prizes will use the last digits. 2 prizes nhất Let’s refer.

For example, the ĐB prize issued 44642 and the nhất prize issued 33245. Then the UFABET online lottery website in our home will announce the prize. Each award will have the following payout rates.

  • The top 3 prizes are 642. Anyone who buys this number will immediately receive a prize of 750 baht per baht.
  • The 3 digit prize from the example, the top 3 numbers are 642. So anyone who buys 642, 624, 264, 246, 426, 462 will be considered to have won this prize. which is generally paid at 120 baht per baht
  • The top 2 prizes are 42, the normal payout rate is 90 baht per baht.
  • The 2 lower prizes are 45. The payout rate is equal to the 2 upper prizes, approximately 90 baht per baht.
  • Run on . The winning condition is that the number we buy must match at least 1 of the top 3 prizes and is a single digit buy. Let’s say buy 2 and in the top 3 prizes (642) then. There are 2 of them, this is considered a prize. Which he will pay 3 baht per baht
  • Lower run numbers , purchase methods and winning conditions are the same as buying upper run numbers. Only the lower running numbers will use the results of the 2 prizes below. As a reference in the prize draw. As for the payout rate, it is slightly higher than the running number. Which is paid at 4 baht per baht.
How to play Hanoi lottery

In addition, some online lottery sales websites also have additional forms of purchase as follows.

  • 19 doors means buying 19 sets of numbers spread out based on any one number. Suppose that if we think that there must be 7 in this draw, we will bet on 19 goals consisting of the numbers 07, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75. , 76, 77, 78, 79, 87, 97
  • Front Swipe is a spread buy, similar to 19 doors, but we will spread the risk with 10 sets of numbers based on the number we buy as the page. Assuming that we think that page number 3 must come, we swipe the page and get the numbers 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, a total of 10 sets.
  • Swiping back is the same purchase as the front swiping number. It’s just that we switch from speculating on the front number to the last number. Assuming that we guess at the end of 5, we will get the numbers 05, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 in total, 10 sets as well.

However, the pay rate that I have quoted is just a general pay rate only for some websites, there may be promotions that cause this pay rate to be somewhat inaccurate. Therefore, before making a decision to buy Hanoi lottery every time, please read the payment rate to understand.