Grade Liverpool’s players in the Premier League game, almost fell asleep but still came back, overtaking Luton Town 4-1 : Player Ratings

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Grade Liverpool’s players in the Premier League game. Almost fell asleep but still came back, overtaking Luton Town 4-1 : Player Ratings

Got ahead in the first half. Playing with a semi-reserve team, changed from 5 positions from the previous match
• But in the second half, when the equalizer was quick and went long, the girl got the girl
• And this is the ability score of Liverpool’s players for this ทางเข้า ufabet game.

Grade Liverpool's players in the Premier League game, almost fell asleep but still came back, overtaking Luton Town 4-1 : Player Ratings

even by class name In terms of form, Liverpool is already much better than Luton Town. But when looking at the line-up, it’s scary for the Kop that this is clearly a reserve team. And how will it work or not? The first half made things even more troubling when Luton took the lead through Chidozi Ogbene. But in the second half it appeared that Liverpool had picked up the pace and grabbed the lead from Virgil van Dijk, Cody Gakpo, Luis Diaz, Harvey Elliott until a decisive 4-1 victory, leaving Man City 4 points behind as usual.

Liverpool player ratings

Caoimhin Kelleher – 6 – Made a great start with a shot to Luis Diaz (but lost it) in the first 3 minutes. But he was a little lost with Ta’s shot. Hit Chong, who can’t take it Finishing his way to the second post. Ogbene scored a header in the 12th minute. After that there was little to do.

Joe Gomez – 7 – got a chance to return to the starting lineup again in place of Andy Robertson and even though he didn’t have much of a role in the game. But there are many moments that are beneficial in adding to the offensive game. Including having to move to play right back in the second half.

Virgil van Dijk – 8- Actually, it was not a game that had to be worked hard when Liverpool had much more possession. And was not tested by Luton’s offensive game much, but was the one who created the important turning point with a corner kick that equalized 1-1 at the beginning of the second half, 56 minutes, which made Liverpool then attack as a set until they were victorious.

Jarrell Quansah – 7 – Like Van Dijk, apart from conceding the game’s opening goal, It hasn’t been tested by Luton Town’s offensive game much, but overall it’s considered manageable. Even though it’s not outstanding, it participates in many games.

Conor Bradley – 7 – Continuing to play to a high standard Defense isn’t a problem. And the offensive game clearly caused problems for Luton, almost shooting over 2-1 in the 58th minute, but Thomas Kaminski narrowly made a save.

Ryan Grafenberg – 7 – Got a chance to start sometimes. and especially focused on the offensive game The first half had both opportunities to look far on their own and pay handsomely to friends, but we haven’t seen results yet. The second half was a bit quiet, but it didn’t make any mistakes.

Wataru Endou – 7 – Demonstrated (It’s been a while) that they passed the exam with Premier League games without any problems. Including controlling the midfield, releasing the ball, cutting off the opponent’s rhythm. For emphasizing Stands lowest in the midfield.

Alexis Mac Allister – 8 – Played with composure. Don’t panic. And it’s of the same high quality as always. An important assist from a corner gave Van Dijk a header to equalize at 1-1, before flicking in from the backline for Cody Gakpo to head in a goal to make it 2-1 after equalizing just moments after. Equal to this game there were 2 assists.

Luis Diaz – 8 – Started badly with Caoimhin Kelleher’s late shot, which the Colombian winger was too busy composing. He refused to shoot until he lost his shot. And continued for the next minute. Who looked into the left ankle but hit it off the post by himself. Until the first half, there were more chances than anyone else, but they all missed. But in the second half, they were successful in making amends, breaking the goal 3-1, the moment they moved to look at the first post beautifully.

Cody Gakpo – 8 – Did a great job on the sunback. Left behind and shot back in the first ten minutes. who pushed it straight to the visiting team’s goalkeeper Then at the beginning of the second half it was worth it with another shot that hit the first post. Supersave Kaminsky until he found the target in the 59th minute, where he headed home Mac Allister’s flick to put the score ahead 2-1.

Harvey Elliott – 8 – Although naturally a midfielder, But he was not at all embarrassed by pushing up and standing on the left wing. With a style of play that emphasizes passing the ball rather than pulling and sliding by yourself. It also gives friends benefits. before closing the game superbly with a goal closing the box Catches the ball and blocks the defender into the path in the 90th minute.


Andy Robertson (replacing Conor Bradley, 68) – 7 – even though he didn’t get a chance to play with his child Or pulled and dragged the game to the top a lot of times, but still had 1 assist in the moment of dunking for Luis Diaz to score 3-1

Bobby Clarke (replacing Ryan Grafenberg, 78) – 6 – got a chance to experience the game towards the end, including 8 minutes of injury time, but was not considered to have shown much.

James McConnell (replacing Alexis Mac Allister 89) N/A was only on the field for a brief glimpse. Consider it just to experience the atmosphere of the Premier League.

Jayden Danns (replacing Luis Diaz 89) N/A , like McConnell, was substituted to waste time at the end. Including being able to taste some high-level games.