FC Porto 1-0 Arsenal: Issues after the UEFA Champions League game. The Gunners were killed in a sinful minute.

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• It was the first game in the UEFA Champions League this season in which Arsenal failed to score a goal.

• The next game will be played on 12 March 2024.

FC Porto 1-0 Arsenal: Issues after the UEFA Champions League game. The Gunners were killed in a sinful minute.

Arsenal are extremely disappointed with their defeat in a โปรโมชั่น ufabet game. Where there were hardly any opportunities for either side to make a difference. Before the winning goal occurred in the sinful minute of injury time that sent FC Porto to a 1-0 victory against the away team, holding onto the advantage before meeting again in the next 3 weeks.

This is the Champions League.

This was a game full of vigilance from both sides. The home team came with playing tactics that had studied Arsenal well. Closing down the flanks, setting up the defense to deal with the Gunners’ set-pieces. The important thing is that the overall defense of both teams makes the offensive game of both teams look very quiet. With a combined 15 opportunities for the two teams to finish, only 2 combined were on target. However, from Arsenal’s incomplete timing at the end of the game. It turned out to be a goal lost during the “sin minute” and injury time of the game and caused Porto to immediately seize the first advantage in the first leg.

Fitness – Pressing and “closing the wings” of the home team.

Sergio Conceicao’s FC Porto chose a game plan that required both strength and power. and very disciplined with playing with high pressure from the top alternating with staking and chasing from the center line of the field As long as they can do their job. Group pressing movements They gave Arsenal a difficult job. And when they fall away Porto’s defense is still on another level.

The problem is player fatigue. This makes playing like this start to lose its tightness. And the concentration of time became less and less. Which resulted in Arsenal being able to play offensive game better in the second half than before. But it didn’t have anything substantial. When the defensive game of both teams plays tightly. Especially the home team who got a clean sheet in this game with Arsenal not having a single shot on target clearly indicates the effectiveness of the home team’s tactics. And they were rewarded for those performances with winning goals.

If this game ends in a 0-0 draw, Porto may not be too disappointed with a game in which they are not clearly superior. But victory will boost their morale before the trip to London in the second leg. As Arsenal are sure, conceding a late goal like this is extremely painful. And emphasize that anything can happen if the game is not finished.

Playing corner kicks is another area where it is clear that the home side has studied Arsenal well. Arsenal’s corner kicks, which have the best scoring record in the Premier League. Fail today when faced with close contact in the penalty area. Many times there was chaos until the judges had to separate. Arsenal were awarded 10 corner kicks in the game. But there was only one chance to head a goal at the end of the game for Gabriel who was out of bounds.

Possession of the ball does not indicate the shape of the game.

Arsenal is a team that loves to attack. Keep the ball with you and create opportunities. And in this game they ended the game with more possession (65 : 35 %) and clearly passed the ball more. But the actual game picture, if you watch it, you can see that It wasn’t the way they had hoped. They move a lot. But the game didn’t progress forward. The ball is passed back and forth in the same plane. and lost more backwards than forwards. Porto, on the other hand, had less possession of the ball. But in return it was more exciting. Attacker on the line, Francisco Conceicao and Galeno, who scored the winning goal. Very outstanding in this game with hard work chasing the ball vertically And is an important spear in the team’s counter-attacking game.

In contrast to Arsenal’s two main weapons on the flanks, the first 45 minutes did little at all. But in the second half, Martinelli played an even bigger role. But it was not enough to create enough good opportunities for the team, while Bukayo Saka played a relatively small role compared to his standards, as well as Martin Ödegaard, another person who was squeezed out of space. got to play very little and had to step back down to reach the ball deeper than before The further from the door The more dangerous they become, like Trotsar or Havetz, a good ball rarely reaches them at the top of the forward line.